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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Bogdanka donates even more funds for fight against coronavirus

Friday, 2020-04-17

Bogdanka increases help for hospitals and institutions fighting the coronavirus pandemic up to the total of PLN 740,000.


Bogdanka breaks another daily output record!

Thursday, 2019-12-12

The most modern and efficient hard coal mine in Poland has broken another record of output per day from a single ploughed wall. On 23 October, section G-1, operating on panel 4/II/385 in the Bogdanka Field, extracted as much as 33,612 tonnes of coal, progressing by 28.3 metres per day. Extraction was conducted throughout four shifts with the plough operating for nearly 24 hours. By achieving this, section G-1 broke the previous record of daily output amounting to 25,413 tonnes of coal set on 31 July 2019 by section G-4.


ST. BARBARA’S DAY 2019 – Photo report from the celebrations

Thursday, 2019-12-05

St. Barbara’s Day is the most important celebration of the mining sector. On 4 December, a special gala took place at the Lublin mine, Bogdanka. During the event, the most deserving employees were presented with medals and awards, and mining ranks were officially bestowed too.


President of Bogdanka's Management Board on 9th European Economic Meeting

Tuesday, 2019-10-22

This year’s 9th European Economic Meeting in Warsaw was entitled: EU’s Climate and Energy Policy “Coal in Necessary Amounts and for as Long as is Required for the Best Interest of the Economy and Citizens.


Enea to build state-of-the-art photovoltaic farms on Bogdanka mine land

Tuesday, 2019-10-08

Enea will build photovoltaic farms with total power of 30 MW in the Lublin region. Those modern sources of renewable energy will be erected on land belonging to the Bogdanka mine and located in the communes of Cyców and Puchaczów.

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