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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

Extreme care must be taken to minimize the impact of „Bogdanka” mine on the natural environment owing to its location. The whole infrastructure of the mine and the mine – field „Puchaczów IV” is surrounded by protected areas. Poleski National Park and Łęczna Lake District Landscape Park (Park Krajobrazowy Pojezierze Łęczyńskie) are situated in its nearest vicinity. The scope of the mine – field from the northern side encompasses small parts of aforesaid Landscape Park buffer zone and from the north – east side – Poleski Area of Protected Landscape and from the south – eastern side - Chełmski Area of Protected Landscape transforming into ecological corridor „Świnka Valley” running in latidude direction i.e. westwards to the west boundary of the mine – field and connecting with Nadwieprzański Landscape Park (Nadwieprzański Park Krajobrazowy) in vicinity of Łęczna.

The mine does not create any ecological hazard as a result of its impact on natural environment. Thanks to the monitoring carried out since more than 25 years, the majority of mechanisms of the influence of mining activity on the nature condition in the surrounding of mine – field, particularly the mechanisms of water circulation, displacements of pollutions etc., have been detected. Owing to the areas situated north of the mine – field and encompassed by the nature protection in connection with their exceptional water and peat land values, the impact of the mine on hydrosphere and ground surface must be minimized. In order to minimize its impact on environment, the mine initiated several initiatives, including the introduction of the Environment Management System under PN-EN ISO 14001. However all elements of natural environment are influenced by „Bogdanka” like by any other large or small mine.

Region map

Facility impact and protection of atmospheric air

There is one emitter arranged in the mine emitting the dusts and gases emissions into ambient air located in ZCB (Building Ceramic Facility) with the tunnel kiln for bricks firing and material grinding department as the sources of dusts and gases emissions.
It should be added that segregated mining waste is used as the raw material for the building ceramic elements production. Therefore the emission originates from the combustion of high -methane gas supplied to the tunnel kiln for bricks firing and from coal contained in mining waste is used as the raw material in the production process.

The levels of dusts and gases emissions are strictly associated with the production volumes and the latter are conditioned by the demand for our products. Total annual average volume of the dusts and gases emissions from ZBC amounts about 7 thousand tons. The facility is provided with desulphurising system with the efficiency of 85-90% and with de-dusting systems installed in material grinding department – two textile filters with efficiency of 99,8%. The installations have been modernized in the year 2004 in order to increase flue gas treatment efficiency.
The dead rock (waste) storage area is another potential emitter; particularly in case of dry and windy days. In order to prevent any potential dusting the reclamation of finally shaped slopes of the mining waste dump is continued.

Impact on hydrosphere and preventive actions

Research indicated the lack of impact of the mine dewatering on the surface water level, particularly in the zone with protected nature areas.


Waste management

Pursuant to the Act on waste, the entrepreneur is obliged to recover and to utilize any waste generated in the facility. Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A. is in the possession of the waste management program for the waste generated in the facility.


Ground surface protection

The impact of continued mining operation on the ground surface was demonstrated in the form of ground settlement (affected by water inflow in two cases). The settlements occurred in grasslands with many peat mining relicts and periodically flooded by thaw water in past. The post-exploitation overflow lands have been created in the Mining Area „Puchaczów IV” i.e. with the area of about 100ha north of the main pit shafts in the Mining Field Bogdanka and in the area of the Mining Field Nadrybie - with the area of about 30 ha.


Environment Management as an element of implementation of the Ecological Policy of the enterprise

Preparing the assumptions of its Environment Policy and using the standard as the basis, the Company Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A. undertook to re-arrange its waste management, to eliminate the soil pollution points and to ensure the rational management of natural resources.


Sustained development principle

Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A., undertaking several initiatives in the of natural environment protection, makes efforts in order to comply with the sustained development principle which has been clearly emphasised in the ecological policy of our country.
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