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Lubelski Węgiel
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Coal is the essential raw material for the Polish power industry, because the electric energy generated in Poland almost in about 96% originates from coal i.e. in about 63% from hard coal and about 33% from brown coal. The role of the hard coal as primary energy carrier increases as a result of significant coal resources in Poland, particularly in connection with the prices of other energetic raw materials permanently maintaining on high levels, mainly in case of crude oil and natural gas.

Structure of fuels used for the production of electric energy
in Poland 2007

Source: www.cire.pl

In accordance with estimates furnished by the International Energy Agency and confirmed by the forecast of the Ministry of Economy, the percentage of hard coal in the structure of fuels used by power industry in Poland will be maintained on constant level at least up to 2020. it is a chance for the hard coal mining sector in Poland, particularly owing to the fact that in accordance with the forecasts of the Ministry of Economy, the consumption of final energy i.e. the energy consumed by its recipients (enterprises and households) in Poland will increase by about 44% in 2030 in comparison with that value in 2005.

In the same period, the demand for primary energy i.e. the energy contained in primary energy carriers encompassing among others hard coal and brown coal, natural gas, crude oil and renewable energy will increase by about  41%. However in order to use this opportunity, the investments must be made by the mines in the scope of the first working. The investments in power industry are also required i.e. including modern technologies of coal use (i.e. efficient, environment friendly and cost effective).

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18 of August 2022
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